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UAE City Tour

UAE is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East. Abu Dhabi is home to some of the world’s best theme parks such as Ferrari World. There is lots to do in UAE. The Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, Grand Mosque and lot more to visit and explore in UAE.

Best views of Abu Dhabi

Take a trip to Abu Dhabi and discover amazing places and attractions such as Emirates Palace, Louvre Museum & many more…

Hot Deals

Exclusive offers and Hot Deals from Bin Ham travel users. Offering various offers and Travel deals. Book now and avail the deals.

Bin Ham Travel Group

Bin Ham travel group consist of four travel agencies namely

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About Bin Ham Travel

Bin Ham Travel is one of the leading travel agency in UAE. The travel group consists of four travel agencies…


Established in 1979 as an integral part of the Bin Ham Group, BIN HAM Travels is one of Abu Dhabi’s leading Travel Management Companies and enjoys a reputation for excellence in service, innovative technology and commitment to providing customers with a complete travel experience.

Bin Ham Group Hotels

Our hotel chain consists of 8 hotels.

Royal Rose Hotel a 5 star landmark icon building in Abu Dhabi…

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Bin Ham Travel Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Bin Ham Corporate:

Dhafir Tower, Najda Street, near City Seasons Hotel,
Abu Dhabi.
P.O. Box: 27242

Bin Ham Electra Office:

Electra Road behind Marks & Spencer near E-vision Tower, Abu Dhabi.
P.O. Box: 27242

Bin Ham Dubai Office:

Al Whada Bldg, Opposite of Deira City Center, Dubai.
P.O. Box: 14038

Salem Travel Agency in Abu Dhabi

Salem Travel Agency:

Dhafir Tower, Najda Street,
Near City Seasons Hotel,
Abu Dhabi.
P.O. Box: 346

Al amaan Travel & Holidays in Al Ain

Al Amaan Travel & Holidays Main Office:

Main Street St. Al Ain,
P.O. Box: 1615

Al Amaan Travel & Holidays:

Al Yahar Building no 24,
P.O. Box: 1615

Al Ain Express Travel & Holidays in Al Ain

Al Ain Express Travel & Holidays:

Main Street St. Al Ain,
P.O. Box: 1127